Horse Sense. Street Smarts.

Read Horse Sense. Street Smarts.
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"Inspiring quotes can serve as great life lessons. Don Hodges' book, Horse Sense. Street Smarts. captures some of the best. If you want to be inspired, or learn something, this is a great read!"
Boone Pickens

Don's book reveals the golden nuggets he has picked up along the way, offering readers the disarming simplicity of common sense.

Flip through the pages and absorb what Warren Buffett, Ben Franklin, Steve Jobs, Boone Pickens,Tom Landry, St. Paul, John Templeton and other great leaders have to say about business ethics, making money, managing people and balancing work, family, church and state.

Don W. Hodges, founder of Hodges Capital in Dallas, Texas, shares the wisdom he has collected in over 40 years as an investment advisor and student of business and personal success. 

As a professional asset manager for institutions, endowments, family offices and individuals, Mr. Hodges has worked with some of most prominent business leaders in America.
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